Gerulf Falk, Archbishop of Boston


Age: 237
Apparent Age: 34
Height: 5’-6"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair: Salt and pepper
Eyes: Brown
Clan: Tzimisce
Generation: 8
Embrace: 1644
Sire: Faas Kotters, Voivode
Demeanor: Sociopath
Morality: Path of Power and the Inner Voice


Gerulf Falk came of age in New Amsterdam, but his true existence did not begin until after his embrace. Kotters taught him the virtue of ruthlessness and the effectiveness of pain and fear to getting one’s way. Rare in the Sabbat, Gerulf spent 75 years at his sire’s side before he was accepted as True Sabbat and allowed to join his own pack. He had learned well.

Gerulf left the New York colony in 1710 and traveled to Boston, where he quickly began his quest to seize praxis. which culminated in his rise to Archbishop in 1770. Soon thereafter, war came to the colonies, and then they were no longer colonies. Gerulf sided with many of his clanmates and pushed for the Articles of Confederation as a means to balkanize the continent to make it more like the land his sire often spoke of, where every Tzimisce lord could rule openly and without having to kowtow to any larger organizations.

Alas, the Lasombra disagreed, and the First Sabbat Civil War raged through Boston and much of the rest of the New World. Gerulf was able to remain in power throughout the war, but his supporting packs were nearly eliminated, and the shovelheads embraced to replace the fallen were not of the right caliber for the threat that came with the Red Coats. Boston nearly fell over the course of three weeks, but the sect was able to maintain a sliver of territory.

Gerulf has been steadily building up forces since then, putting word out to pilgrims and boxed-in covens throughout New England and the mid-Atlantic that Boston is ripe for Crusade. Lately, he’s been gathering victims from which to make the customary Tzimisce declaration of war: a handwritten document in blood scrawled on human leather.

Gerulf Falk, Archbishop of Boston

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