Gustavus Helmsly, Primogen


Age: 274
Apparent Age: Unknown
Height: 5’-3"
Weight: 124 lbs.
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Black
Clan: Nosferatu
Generation: 8
Embrace: 1607
Sire: Bethesda
Demeanor: Conniver
Morality: Humanity

The embrace changed Gustavus. His head elongated while his teeth fell out to be replaced by needles. His fingers extended (along with his arms) and grew inch long talons, and Gustavus learned how to use fear to his advantage. He now tends to hide in the shadows, only revealing enough of his visage to keep others uneasy.


Originally from Washington, Gustavus came to Boston soon after news spread of the Camarilla victory over the Sabbat. As the first Nosferatu to join the Red Coats, he was installed as Primogen.

Since then he has voiced his opinion on several matters, but he has learned that he is little more than an advisor and has no real power in the city. Rumor has it that Gustavus has sent feelers out to the Patriots, but nothing has been confirmed.

Gustavus Helmsly, Primogen

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