Szlachta Guard


Age: 44
Apparent Age: Unknown
Height: 6’7"
Weight: 340 lbs.
Race: White
Hair: Bald
Eyes Red
Date of Birth: 1837
Domitor: Liam Sullivan
Demeanor: Monster
Morality: Humanity

A hulking monstrosity, few mortals would be brave enough to face this monster. Many vampires would also reconsider their intentions. Highly…“modified” with bone spurs, a bony carapace, and fangs, not many would decide it wise to stand up against the beast that guard’s its master’s laboratory.


Once human, this monster was specially made by Dmitri Villaj for his Childe, Liam Sullivan. It’s mind all but lost, with no more room for defiance, it merely serves it’s new master faithfully. It has no recollection of who it was before it became a gigantic Szlachta, nor does it particularly care. None can say just what it truly thinks about its situation, rather, if it even can think, but it clear that it only knows how to obey its new master. Its previous name lost, it is now known as “Leviathan.” Leviathan is rarely seen outside of its master’s laboratory in the basement of the Society for the Celebration of Rare Beauty, where it serves as a guardian, discouraging any unwanted visitors.


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