Liam Sullivan

Witch Doctor


Age: 46
Apparent Age: 27
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Race: White
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Light Brown
Clan: Tzimisce Koldun
Generation: 13th
Date of Birth: 5/23/1835
Embrace: 1862
Sire: Dmitri Villaj
Demeanor: Perfectionist
Morality: Path of Caine

Typically dresses as a doctor, usually wears a black coat over his vest. Always appears to be tired, like he hasn’t gotten much sleep, and it shows in bags underneath his eyes. His derringer fits snugly in his vest pocket and he holsters his knife across his back.


As a kid, he always possessed an invested interest in medicine. In his early adult years, he pursued this passion and became a fairly knowledgeable doctor. During this time, he found a dying man and tried to save him, to instead discovered the man to be a vampire, a Tzimisce by the name of Dmitri Villaj. In the end, the vampire drank Liam’s blood but did not kill him. Instead, the vampire made Liam into a ghoul, eventually becoming a Cainite himself 5 years later. In those 5 years, a Serpent of the Light named Jude Legonns had noticed the talented doctor, and attempted to turn Liam into his Childe instead. In his failure, he began to resent the young Cainite, continuously interfering in his work. Eventually, Liam turned to Patricia “Patty” McDermott and the Society for the Celebration of Rare Beauty. Liam brought his ghoul, Michael King, to bolster security at the Society in return for residence and his own lab in the basement. He’s resided there since, his lab guarded by a Szlachta.

Liam Sullivan

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