Michael King



Age: 31
Apparent Age: 23
Height: 6’11"
Weight: 307 lbs.
Race: African American
Hair: Black
Eyes: Silver
Date of Birth: 8/13/1850
Domitor: Liam Sullivan
Demeanor: Survivor
Morality: Humanity

A rather large man, Michael always stands out in the crowd. He towers above all, including his rather…“unusual” master, Liam Sullivan. He dresses in a blue suit fitting of his position as Head of Security for the Society for the Celebration of Rare Beauty, and always wears a stern and serious expression. Over his blue suit, he also wears a black long coat, in order to conceal various weapons, including a tomahawk, double-barrel shotgun, and a heavy American revolver.


Lost memories prior to Ghoulhood due to his master, Liam Sullivan, performing an experiment on him that didn’t go according to plan. No longer possessing any knowledge of his former life, Michael knows only his master and the Society for the Celebration of Rare Beauty, where he works as part of security. Despite this, Michael has never thought to ask his master about his previous life nor does he particularly care to. As far as he is concerned, his job is to follow Liam’s orders and protect him, nothing more, nothing less.

Michael King

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