Okoro, Templar


Age: 129
Apparent Age: 35
Height: 5’-7"
Weight: 154 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Clan: Brujah Antitribu
Generation: 9
Embrace: 1752
Sire: Thompson Kenner
Demeanor: Soldier
Morality: Path of Caine

Okoro rarely speaks, but his confidence and imposing demeanor garner attention—in the form of sidelong glances since most do not want to make eye contact with him. He is always polite and never loses his temper, even when he is savagely beating an enemy.


Okoro bought his freedom in 1745 and never looked back. He traveled to Boston and took up life as a sailor. Several years later, during a nocturnal battle with pirates (who were Sabbat) off the North Carolina coast, Okoro got the attention of his sire. He was embraced and sailed on the black fleet for several decades before returning to Boston.

His skill at arms made him a prize for the Archbishop, and Okoro was inducted as a Templar in 1805. In addition to his martial duties, Okoro acts as liaison to packs within Boston when the archbishop has need of their services.

Okoro, Templar

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