Roland Harker, leader of the Patriots


Age: 45
Apparent Age: 37
Height: 5’-4"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Clan: Gangrel
Generation: 12
Embrace: 1827
Sire: Tabitha Moon
Demeanor: Rogue
Morality: Humanity


Roland grew up on stories his father told about life in Washington’s army. As a proud member of a young democracy, Roland learned to despise the trappings of nobility on the continent and stayed up to date on news from the capital.

He was embraced by an equally zealous Gangrel, a former fur trapper from the Quebec colony who had traveled to America soon after it became free. Imagine Roland’s surprise to learn that all of the affectations and injustices that made him despise Europe were still common practice in the Camarilla, his new “country” among the damned. To top it off, the irony of living under a British Prince who aspired to enslave his nation once again was too much. No, he railed against his fate and looked for alternatives. The Sabbat, he found, was no more enlightened than the Camarilla. For all their talk of freedom, the Vinculum forced them to remain loyal, and their faith in Caine was nothing more than superstition to Roland, a product of the Age of Reason. Then he learned of the reemerging group, the Anarchs, who believed each Kindred should be master of his own destiny.

Roland quickly made contact with the group, and, once he had support, he started looking at Boston through new eyes. Tension, and the inevitable war to follow, between the Camarilla and the Sabbat made a unique opportunity for the Anarchs. Overthrowing the crown could lead to a free state: a Kindred democracy of enlightened self-interest and cooperation. He started gathering allies from within the city and across the eastern seaboard, even sending correspondence to cities in the South.

Roland Harker, leader of the Patriots

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