Character Creation


The following clans comprise the Sabbat in 1881:

  • Lasombra: Leaders of the Sabbat since the Renaissance. While war rages among the Cainites of Canada and Mexico, within America the Lasombra have maintained peace with their Tzimisce brethren.
  • Tzimisce: Still sore from losing the first Civil War to the Lasombra and failing to create a new land of petty kingdoms reminiscent of Eastern Europe in what has become the United States, the Tzimisce have returned to their laboratories in search of the next step in what Darwin has termed evolution.

These bloodlines also serve:

  • Assamite Antitribu: Having forsaken their parent clan to remain free of the Tremere curse, most Assamite Antitribu serve the Black Hand and make up the bulk of its leadership. Since the Hand did not participate in the Civil War, everyone considers it suspicious.
  • Brujah Antitribu: Holy warriors within the Sabbat, the Brujah Antitribu are a strong voice for the freedom the sect offers. Currently, there is dissent in the clan among younger members who were formerly immigrants and those who were formerly slaves.
  • Caitiff: Many among the Sabbat feel that clan is simply another way for the elders to oppress younger Cainites. As such, they deliberately sire childer en masse to ensure that the new Cainite has no clan. Caitiff make up the rank and file of the sect, though they are considered little more than cannon fodder in the Great Crusade.
  • City Gangrel: A new development in Cainite physiology and part of the increase in tales of “Rippers” around the nation, City Gangrel consider themselves apex predators hunting the most dangerous prey.
  • Country Gangrel: Mostly acting as pilgrims, Gangrel Antitribu are among the best fighters the sect has to offer. They have brought back many customs from the Indians, which have contributed to the ritae of the sect.
  • Koldun: With strong ties to Eastern Europe, this Tzimisce bloodline has mastered nature magic. They were instrumental in the discovery of the Vaulderie and most other Sabbat ritae.
  • Malkavian Antitribu: These kooks are sometimes so deranged that they must be kept under lock and key until it’s time for violence. Others are mostly lucid and are renowned for their insight. No other bloodline is as diverse as the Malkavian Antitribu.
  • Nosferatu Antitribu: In this age of The Phantom of the Opera, the Nosferatu Antitribu relish their roles as boogeymen. They also make excellent spies, but sometimes their ties with their Camarilla brethren make their allegiance questionable.
  • Ravnos Antitribu: Rarely seen in the new world, Ravnos Antitribu also tend to become pilgrims so they can freely travel the country, and so they can keep the authorities behind them.
  • Serpents of the Light: Very rare outside of the newly established foothold in Haiti, this bloodline is made up of Setites who turned their backs on their former clan. Instead of worshiping Set, they worship Caine among their new brethren.
  • Toreador Antitribu: While they are still as attracted to beauty as their Camarilla kin, these antitribu are developing a dark twist. Acts of perversion and torture are becoming more common as these Cainites seek to express what is in their souls.
  • Tremere Antitribu: Warlocks of House Goratrix, the Tremere Antitribu have been with the Sabbat since its founding. A unique curse allows members of their parent clan to recognize them on sight, and so they must be careful in conflicted areas.
  • Ventrue Antitribu: While their parent clan became a clan of merchants and robber barons, these Cainites continued with the old ways of sword and valor. They prefer to do battle in individual duels, and they settle disagreements with clan mates with flashing steel.


While most backgrounds are allowed, the following are prohibited:

  • Age
  • Arcane
  • Military Force

Characters may have up to five retainers. However, they may not have more than one retainer accompany them each night.

Paths of Enlightenment

The following paths of enlightenment are available during character creation:

  • Path of Caine
    The official church of the Sabbat, followers of the Path of Caine seek to emulate Caine in all that they do while also working to thwart the antediluvians.
  • Path of Death and the Soul (Path of Bones)
    Followers of this path study death in all of its forms. Their experiments can become quite…grisly.
  • Path of the Feral Heart
    These Cainites glorify the beast within and work to become the best predators in creation. They consider words weak and focus on cunning deeds.
  • Path of Harmony
    Although they follow a similar path to those of the Feral Heart, these Cainites seek to balance the beast and the human within. Thus, they follow the dictates of conscience instead of conviction.
  • Path of Honorable Accord
    The most common path among the Sword of Caine, followers stress honor over a nebulous sense of goodness or morality. Still, their word is their bond.
  • Path of Lilith
    A heretical path, followers tend to be female. They believe that Lilith, not Caine, was the first vampire, and, as such, Lilith should be worshiped and glorified. They dispense enlightenment through pain.
  • Path of Metamorphosis
    A traditional path among the Tzimisce, followers of this path constantly strive to perfect their fleshcrafting and discover the next step in Cainite evolution.
  • Path of Night
    A traditional Lasombra path, the nihilists exist to become agents of the damnation of mortals around them.
  • Path of Power and the Inner Voice
    Popular among social climbers, this path teaches followers how to dominate their brethren and lead the great army of the undead.

Merits and Flaws

Characters may spend as many of their freebie points on merits as they see fit, but they may not gain more than seven freebie points from flaws.

The following merits and flaws are prohibited:

  • 14th generation
  • 15th generation
  • Thin blood
  • Computer aptitude
  • Iron will
  • Stereotype
  • Elysium regular
  • Sabbat survivor
  • Open road
  • Broken bond
  • Botched presentation
  • New arrival
  • New kid
  • Bound
  • Masquerade breaker
  • Former prince
  • Loathsome regnant
  • Bloodhunted
  • Laughing stock
  • Unbondable
  • True faith
  • Archaic
  • Dangerous bias

New Merit
Inducted into the web (2 pts.)
This character is a member of the Web and has access to information about most noteworthy vampires and events in New England in both the Camarilla and the Sabbat. However, the character will need to report her own findings to retain access to these secrets. This merit is only available to Nosferatu Antitribu characters.

Character Creation

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