Society for the Celebration of Rare Beauty

Headed by Patricia “Patty” McDermott, the society is based out of a moderately sized four-story building in XX. It is not far from the trolley line, and, though it is a small organization, its members spend much of their free time at the club and also keep stories about what goes on inside to themselves. The society only accepts new members at the request of established members.

Rare among social clubs at this time, the Society for the Celebration of Rare Beauty accepts members of all social classes and both men and women into its ranks, which some consider scandalous. If they only knew. The society is a refuge for the inverted such as the faeries.

The first two stories are dedicated to the club proper and contain meeting rooms, a great hall (used for meals, formal gatherings, and dancing), a bar, a kitchen, a library, and an art gallery. The third floor contains modest apartments for members who have been forced to flee home or are otherwise unable to provide for themselves properly, and the fourth floor contains larger apartments for Patty and those she invites to reside in the club.

Hidden rooms within the basement make up Liam Sullivan’s laboratory and a room for ritae.

Society for the Celebration of Rare Beauty

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