Jude Legonns, Ductus

Head of the Rival Pack


Age: 79
Apparent Age: 35
Height: 5’-7"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Haiti
Clan: Serpents of the Light
Generation: 12
Embrace: 1802
Sire: Dieula Monet
Demeanor: Perfectionist
Morality: Path of Caine

Jude takes advantage of stereotypes about Haiti and dresses the part of a voodoo houngan, occasionally selling trinkets to mortals to maintain his cover. He has no faith in that religion, however, having dedicated himself to Caine. His devotion knows no limits. With his commanding presence, he is often able to maintain control of whatever room he is in.


Jude grew up as a slave in the French colony of Haiti, where his body was toughened up by the constant beatings from his cruel masters. In a surprise revolt against his master, he received no help from his fellows and was brutally punished, where his left eye was damaged beyond repair and lost.

Later, during the Haitian Revolution, he made another stand, this time at the side of his fellow slaves. During the revolt, Jude personally killed his former master, crushing his skull with a quick whack from a tree sap.

Jude continued to fight in the revolution, helping all the Haitian slaves overpower their masters. In the process, Jude caught the eye of Dieula Monet, a Cainite. Dieula showed Jude the powers that the Serpents of the Light possessed, and offered to grant him the same powers. Young Jude Legonns, anxious to fight against the cruel slavers, accepted Dieula’s offer without hesitation.

After the Revolution ended, and the slaves possessed their freedom, Jude continued to stay with his Sire, training and learning the ways of the Serpents of Light. He was taught about the other Setites, and chose to swear his loyalty to Caine. For the next several decades, he continued to gain power, even moving to America, and eventually began his search for his own Childe.

When he found a gifted youth named Liam Sullivan, Jude was overjoyed. Young Liam’s intelligence was quite enticing for the Cainite, but there was the small problem of Liam’s Domitor, Dmitri VIllaj. At first, Jude didn’t think it’d be too troublesome to win over Liam.

It turns out he was wrong. Enraged and humiliated by his failure, Jude actively seeks to discredit and humiliate the young Cainite, maybe even destroy. He and the Midnight Freebooters would become a thorn in Liam’s side.

Jude Legonns, Ductus

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