By 1881, Boston has instituted a light rail network that connects the suburbs and includes horse-drawn trolleys within the city. In a world where vampires are real, these trains and trolleys run at all hours, though they become infrequent (about once every hour) after midnight. Using the trolley system, one can travel from one end of the city to the other in about 20 minutes.

Hansom cabs and larger carriages are also commonplace, though they are not usually seen after midnight.

Some consider bicycles a cheaper way to travel than using public transportation or walking.

Running, treated water has been available in Boston for several decades now, and at this point almost all buildings, including tenements for the poor, include it.

While most buildings are still heated with fireplaces, radiator heat is catching on among the wealthy. Many kindred and cainites prefer it because it is so much safer than an open flame. Nosferatu (and Nosferatu Antitribu) enjoy the steam tunnels that are being added to the underground network, as well.

Similarly, local telephone service is available to those who can afford it. To send messages out of town, one is still limited to the telegraph or mail.

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